About the Site

How it Started

During the months of April and May 2012, Marlborough School borrowed 5 iPads, 5 iPods and 1 Green Screen from the Innovative Learning Commons (ILC) through their exploration program. We wanted to explore the value of mobile devices as learning tools.


November 2012 - Since that time, we have purchased 30 iPads to use throughout the school and are housed in PowerSync cart. After a few months of using the iPads we decided to put one in each classroom (11) and leave the rest in the cart for classes to book out. We are working towards all of our teachers understanding the power a mobile device, like an iPad, has in learning.

The Website

This website is dedicated to share what we have learned about these powerful learning tools.

For anymore information about the information on this website please contact Steve Clark at Marlborough School or the  CBE ILC.


Steve Clark @stevewclark

CBE Innovative Learning Commons - http://www.cbeilc.info/

Twitter Hashtags - #cbeilc #cbea3 #a3LC #cbel2lc

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