Monday, 28 May 2012

Gr1-2 Science - Eco Columns

Student Learning Goal:

To learn about the differences of living and nonliving things and how they affect each other.


Skitch for iPad

Learning Task:

Through this inquiry, students explored living and non living things they could find around our school. They took photos of them using the iPads to show what they discovered.

Through the scientific process, the students explored how living and nonliving things affect each other by designing and making an eco-column. Each eco column had three layers in which each contribute to each other to make an mini ecosystem. 

Students observed their eco-columns daily and monitored their progress and time progressed.
The iPads were also used to monitor and document the progress. 
Skitch App by Evernote
The used an App called Skitch to annotate pictures they took using the iPad which was very easy to learn to use and gave an effective finishing product.

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