Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Gr3 - Measurement - Video

iPod App:

Camera App

Student Learning Goal: 

To find out what we know about measurement.

Learning Task:

Through a process of investigation, students were asked to measure a variety of objects using a unit of measurement of their choice. They were also required to video their measuring techniques as well as input the data into a shared Google document.

The process gave both teachers and students a great amount of information. It showed the misconceptions that students had about measuring things. It also showed us what they could do well. After looking at videos, we discussed what was done well in each video and what was tricky about measuring.

Where we want to go next: After seeing the holes in knowledge about measurement, we could do some purposeful and targeted teaching around those misunderstandings. We also thought it could be a great idea to go through this process again to make ‘expert’ videos (the kind of video you might find on a Home Depot ‘how to’ website) on how to measure using standard forms of measurement.

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